All key documents published by the Joint Committee are accessible here.

In August 2015 and prior to the establishment of the Joint Committee, authorities across the Heart of the South West area came together with the prime objective of working together to benefit from the Government’s devolution agenda. The intention at that stage was to look for Government assistance – possibly through accessing additional funding and powers – to help us increase productivity and economic prosperity across the region. Key documents produced during that period of the Partnership’s work are available to view on Torbay Council’s website as detailed below:

Devolution background and FAQs: These documents provide further information on the partnership’s response over the 2015 and 2016 period to the Government’s invitation to local authorities to develop devolution proposals. Since this period the Government’s approach to devolution has changed and the partnership has had to adjust its focus but still with the overall aim of improving productivity and prosperity.

Driving productivity in the Heart of the South West – Consultation Paper (Green Paper): Published in January 2017, this document was used as the basis for public consultation to set out the challenges facing the Heart of the South West and questions on which comments and thoughts were invited. The intention was that the information obtained during the consultation process would inform the development of the Productivity Strategy. Links are also provided below to supporting technical papers which provided evidence to guide discussions and inform responses to the questions asked in the Green paper.

Skills and Productivity in the Heart of the South West – technical paper

Productivity Growth in the Heart of the South West – technical paper

Creativity in the Heart of the South West – technical paper

Devolution Consultation report; this sets out the result of the consultation on the draft Heart of the South West Productivity Strategy which ran between 10 October and 14th December 2017

Devolution Newsletters – prior to the establishment of the Joint Committee,
the partnership published regular newsletters on the work on devolution and these
are available via the link below


The Joint Committee has continued the tradition of reporting on its activities through the publication of newsletter and these are accessible below.  Historical newsletters can be found on our Newsletters page.

August 2019 newsletter

March 2019 newsletter

Heart of the South West Productivity Strategy
The Heart of the South West Joint Committee and the Local Enterprise Partnership have worked together to develop a strategy to address the productivity challenges of the area. The collective vision is to become more prosperous and to improve quality of life and living standards.
This Strategy will build on the strengths of the HotSW area to help realise the enormous potential in its businesses, people and places. We want to create a vibrant economy where the benefits can be shared by everyone. Employment levels across the area are high but collectively, the productivity of the area lags behind other parts of the UK. Productivity is the amount produced per worker or per hour worked and is essential to the long-term growth of wealth, better wages, tax revenues to support better public services and better standards of living for residents.
The intention is to double the size of the economy over 20 years and the Strategy contains the detail of how we plan to achieve that ambition.

 Heart of the South West Productivity Strategy

Opportunities Prospectus 

This document is the Prospectus to Government agreed by the Joint Committee in October and formally published by the LEP following the LEP’s annual conference on the 12th November.  It summarises a number of high value opportunities contained within the Productivity Strategy.  It was submitted advance to Ministers and local Members of Parliament in October 2018 to initiate a greater dialogue across the area and with Government in advance of the development of a Local Industrial Strategy as one of the Wave 2 pilot area.

HotSW Prospectus November18

Delivery Plan

This document is key to delivering the HotSW Productivity Strategy – see above.    It is a live action plan that will be used to track progress with the delivery of the Strategy.  The version accessible via the link below is that agreed by the Joint Committee on the 5th October 2018.

HotSW Draft Delivery Plan – October 2018